Centro de Visitantes Great Kemeri
Turfeira - LV


At the beginning, humankind survival was dependent on a good physical and psychological relationship with the environment. Throughout history this has been lost as functional values were introduced, removing spaces particular and concrete identity. In search for genius loci, the sense of place, our proposal for the Great Kemeri Bog Visitor Center recalls one of the most primitive acts of architecture: the desire for shelter. Like the Primitive Hut, our proposal has tension, lightness, immateriality and emphasis on non-constructed spaces as its tectonic values. The form also relates to the image of the homestead, going back to the romanticised Latvian ideal of living in an isolated self-sufficient wood built rural complex.

Concurso Centro de Visitantes Great Kemeri 

*Projeto finalista

Arq. André Bihuna, Arqª Mariana Steiner

Curitiba, Brasil